Make Your Final Wishes Clear

Make Your Final Wishes Clear

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Did you know that, in Massachusetts, people as young as 18 can create a legal will? Get a jump start on future financial planning by creating a will or trust today. The Law Office of Nicholas A. Gomes, P.C. helps clients in Fall River, MA create wills and trusts. Attorney Gomes will sit down with you to discuss your situation and offer reliable estate planning advice.

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3 facts about wills and trusts

You need a qualified attorney by your side when it’s time to plan your estate. Here are a few things you might not know about creating a legal will or trust:

  1. You can update or change the terms of your legal will at any time.
  2. You can list financial assets and real estate in your will.
  3. You can establish a trust to determine guardianship of your children.

A Last Will and Testament is commonly known as an instrument setting forth the final distribution of a person’s property including who will receive a distribution and in what share or amount. A Last Will and Testament is much more. A Will is in essence your last words, for the purpose of informing your loved ones your last desires including burial requests, guardianship over children, distributions of your property and how any debts are to be paid. A Will is flexible allowing for distributions in exact proportions per person, specific bequests of items to persons and at the same time can be broadly stated that anything not mentioned specifically will go to a person or multiple persons. Persons naturally entitled to a share of the estate under the laws of the Commonwealth (a.k.a. Intestate Succession) may be specifically disinherited in a will. An often overlooked use of a will is the distribution of anatomical gifts, known as body and tissue donation. Further, a Will can appoint trusted individuals as legal guardians over your minor children and loved ones affected by incapacity, disability and mental disease.

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